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Dove Global Academy is a division of Dove Global focusing on following FOUR areas of Education Products that we selected carefully the best among best that can immediately apply NOW, through SchoolOfWisdom.Info Simple infotductions – they are:

  1. eTAP online learning and teaching system proven so powerful to help students from K-12 and their university entance exams and schools improve ranks rapidly. eTAP’s Mission is to Help Every Student; eTAP’s Vision is to empower ALL students, schools to achieve highest Success with Fun & Confidence! eTAP Teacher/Facilitaor Global Certification Programs available for schools and education groups to inquiry.
  2. ABB (Auto BTC Builder) – a simple currency edu program pays referral to enrolled learners. ABB mission is to educate people around world about currency incl. Bitcoin and other coins, meantime to empower learners to start earn income in the form of BTC by advocate ABB. A way of learning and earning BTC without risk.
  3. OneCoin (OC) – a cryptocurrency edu program provides complex MLM income structure and global network call OneLifeNetwork (OLN).  OC announced to do ICO in Oct 2018. Currently OC has over 3 million member owners in 190+ countries.
  4. Tool for professionals and university students to learn project management skills and gain credentials that will lead to qualify to apply PMP exam.
  5. Most advanced global Leadership Training programs. Incl. Current 61Day 1-2hrs per night on The Secret Mastery Program,  Upcoming in preparing Global Leadership and Success habit from first understand the Power of Virtue.
  6. Knowledge and courses on Investment such as robotics trading system that to be understood by people never did invest in stock market. Specifically, Product of Cool Trade Robot  Client service blog:   Cool Trade University: http://CoolTrade.Org

You are welcome to contact us if any above programs is what you have been seeking for. Simply email to: Title your email subject of above the program name. God Bless!

Our academic inspiration:  ROYAL SOCIETY of CANADA