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Dove Global Academy is a division focusing on following three areas of Education Products that we selected carefully the best among best that can immediately apply to learners’ process to its investment intelligence and know hows. Product I & II both are the legendary investment courses in our time that all traditional schools never taught.  Product III is project management professional training, it has the skills and techniques that anyone want to succeed in any professional fields must have. In fact All top level of governments and national defense management all quietly tapped into this knowledge field for efficiency and super performance. So welcome, you landed on a Flight Deck where have what take to transform ordinaries to super naturals!

I: Product of Cool Trade Robot comes with Free 🙂 Education – Cool Trade University: http://CoolTrade.Org
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II: Product of One Academy Investment Courses in 5 Levels of learning Packages, each comes with Free 🙂 Tokens & Au Coin. Free Enroll pre-package learning program contact us to get positioned properly.  How to grow this learning into an online biz? watch this PPT
Support blog:   Update on OneCoin Mining  (or: if you wish to type the link to pass to your friends) – uploaded Forbe interview Dr. Ruja English Translation – OneCoin will start trading in June 2015 – we are in June now! So find timely info at Update on OneCoin Mining  To proceed properly and position best among availability, contact Dove Global – by email: and call to leave clear message at 604.800.8316.

III: Product of Project Management Training courses come with Certificate with PDUs signed off by PMP instructor. Certificate will be acknowledged globally for career advancement 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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IV: eSchool – planning

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