Dove Global Trade Service was established in 1994 in BC for bridging businesses between Canada & China, as a member of Team Canada, Dove Global Trade Service successfully opened Chinese national market for Canadian Wines.

Then Dove Global Trade Service incorporated in 1996 to Dove Global Investments Co. Ltd. (short as Dove Global) d.b.a. The Flight Deck. Revitalizing a 60-seat airport food & beverage service that was run down for years. Re-branded the business as The Flight Deck, revamped the menu, improved food quality and services, supported local food suppliers and producers, increased yearly profits and left behind a destination restaurant known to pilots, travelers and locals alike.

Dove Global has been providing consulting service with its expertise in project management, engineering, marketing and branding, continuously mentoring clients tap into most advanced techniques in project management, marketing and branding. Just name a few: Dove Global helped Canadian clients in Education / Training businesses to explore markets in China. Successfully set-up contacts between my clients and key players in the City of Suzhou (pop. 5 million); Assisted US clients to brand their businesses in China, with websites for US boat refitting and water tour Thriller Boat businesses; Researched North American market sectors and product procurement opportunities for Chinese companies interested in sulphur, waste management; Developed e-marketing for North American products into the Chinese market including racing boats and BC wood products.

2015 – 2017 were great time for those ready and courageous for the up coming volatile markets. Dove Global serves business minded clients incl. governments and organizations around world and those new entrepreneurs. In Dove Global, we are passionate about education. we believe your vision and your believe will drive your destination. Thus, our mission is to empower the world with our education and training programs.

2018 is a year for Dove Global to achieve Excellency and Victory around the world in K-12 Education Leadership, Project Management Training and Leadership Training. We are here to assist individuals, schools and governments to strategically plan, apply one of the powerful solutions from our listed products, services & programs to navigate your course of success!

So welcome to Dove Global to fully explore the products, services, or even internship program and new projects along your journey of success, we are here to serve to unleash the human greatest potential & right confidence in achieving success in career, society and personal life purpose.

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